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GitLab Page

My Custom Domain for my GitLab Page

This website is a custom static site generator written in Python by Antoine J. All sources are available on his GitLab, the project is called DOK.

We can say that this website is low-tech and sustainable because :

  • it is a series of html pages without any call to a database (= static site)
  • there is no javascript
  • the CSS is written to be lightweight
  • the images are compressed and the videos are self-hosted

  • there is a RSS feed

Created 11/11/2020

Updated 11/11/2020

GitLab Page


GitLab Page

  • https://about.gitlab.com/stages-devops-lifecycle/pages/
  • https://about.gitlab.com/blog/2016/04/07/gitlab-pages-setup/
  • https://docs.gitlab.com/ee/user/project/pages/index.html#getting-started-with-gitlab-pages

Created 01/09/2020

Updated 01/09/2020

My Custom Domain for my GitLab Page


First of all, I had to buy my own domain. I chose to buy maudbausier.com on InfoManiak because this Swiss hosting company cares about having a sustainable and transparent economy. Learn more about it trough their ecological charter and their policy of taxation transparency.

My package

For ~10€/year

  • domain
  • Web hosting
  • Email hosting
  • !! I don't have server (but my website is on GitLab's server)

Domain redirection

It is possible to redirect my www.maudbausier.com domain to my GitLab Page maudb.gitlab.io/dok but this means that maudbausier.com doesn't exist by itself. It could be more interesting to "double" the content on both domain names to have aliases for each of them (ex: maudbausier.com/about).

DNS (Domain Name System)

In this case, it is thus more interesting to modify the DNS zone because the DNS zone allows to make the link between your domain name (here www.maudbausier.com) and the servers that manage your services (here gitlab).

How to: on GitLab

gitlab.com > Sign In > Maud Bausier > dok > settings > pages > New Domain

  • Domain: maudbausier.com
  • Create New Domain

Edit Domain

  • Copy/Paste Verification Status: _gitlab-pages-verification-code.maudbausier.com TXT gitlab-pages-verification-code=1bbxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxa78

How to: on InfoManiak

infomaniak.com > Sign In > Manager > Domains > maudbausier.com > Zone DNS

New Entry

  • Type: A
  • Source: .maudbausier.com
  • Cible: (Fond on GitLab doc, same for all the pages generated by GitLab)

Add a second Entry

  • Type: TXT
  • Source: _gitlab-pages-verification-code.maudbausier.com
  • Cible: gitlab-pages-verification-code=1bbxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxa78

Created 11/11/2020

Updated 11/11/2020