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The CNC milling machine at the Waag Fabla
The CNC milling machine at the Waag Fabla

Today, Henk (the manager of the lab) introduce us to this big CNC milling machine. So now, we need a project to use this one.. Conor (another intern at Waag Fablab) and I really need something to storage our stuff here. So we think about making a box.

A previous intern made this one ☟ and it is very nice, with a "clips" system.

I also like this website ☞ where you can download open plan designed by contributors to make furniture with a CNC milling machine. For example, here is a pedestal which can also be a good start to design our own box.

In the same idea, is a group of designers and hackers. They all share a common question about open source industrial design, processes and products resulting from them work, with the aim of providing tools for accessing a free philosophy applied to the manufacture of objects. So there, you can also download open plans and production guides. And even propose an updated version or a new project.

here is a good read to learn a bit more about open-design and open-licenses : Diverted Derived Design.

Created 15/01/2019

Updated 15/01/2019