Water Pump

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I have the planter shelf with the bell siphon to ebb away the water from the top to the bottom. I now need a way to transport the water from the water tank (bottom) to the planter pot (top). I have planned to use a waterpump and I decided to make my own one as we have a lot of DC motors here in the Fablab.

I decided to use one of the small DC motor in the middle of the picture above. The ref wrote on it is FK260SA14280 - KD23603 (made in China). It seems to be a Mabushi 12V DC motor 8600RPM. I decided to use this one because the moving pin is in the center of the motor, it is small and there is only a + and - connection.

Below are the links of the instructions I consulted to understand how to make my own water pump.

Created 12/10/2019

Updated 12/10/2019