Learned and Goals

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Learn project development and management into a Fablab

  • managing all machines and softwares at the fablab
  • assist visitors or Waag employees with software and machining
  • contribute to a safe and pleasant work environment
  • assist with cleaning, maintaining and improving the lab
  • contribute to open source documentation by documenting and sharing the development of my own project
  • Do tour during the Open Thursdays

Learn modeling with new 2D and 3D software

  • Software: Inkscape; FreeCAD; Fusion360; MeshMixer

Learn 3D printing and scanning

  • Hardware: Prusa i3 MK3/MMU2S; 3D sense scanner
  • Software: Cura; PrusaSlicer

Learn CNC machining in a small and large scale

  • Hardware: Roland Modela MDX-20 small milling machine; Shopbot CNC big milling machine
  • Software: Mods online; Vcarve

Learn lasercutting and vinylcutting

  • Hardware: BRM lasers CO2 + software included; VinylCutter Roland GX-24
  • Software: Slic3r for Fusion360

Learn mould design, construction and casting

Learn website development tools

  • Hugo : static website generator
  • Atom : markdown editor

Learn version controls protocols

  • Git versioning

Learn design and programming circuit boards

Learn the use of sensors and output devices

  • Arduino UNO board

Learn interpret and implement programming protocols

  • Arduino code editor

Learn mechanical and machine design

  • Waterpump, Bioponic shelf

Learn integration of techniques into a final projects

Created 20/08/2019

Updated 20/08/2019